Thursday, May 6, 2010

Idea: Book Fast

I.. have a problem. I read. I read like some people smoke. I read like some people stress eat. I read whenever I can. It has always been so, ever since I started my magical studies I was never without a book, and before then I was mainlining sci/fi and fantasy fiction like a pulp junkie.

If I start a band one day, I will call it Pulp Junkie. I call dibs, internet!

But I realize that I am in fact a junkie here. It's a compulsion. A ritual. A safety valve. It also helps lure me into the armchair. The armchair is a thing I dread. It is comfy and static and stale, and smells like old man. Not in a sexy silver fox way either.

As a result of my problem, I will be going on a book fast as soon as I finish "Alchemy Unveiled" by Johannes Helmond. I will start with a week. I will read blogs, check email, and write my own thoughts, but I wont research, or fritter away my time stuffing my mind full of stuff.

I need to spend my time seeing and doing at least as much as I do reading. Time to quest out from the fortress of knowledge. Ideally I'd like to actually DO something during my book fast, but I don't want to trade one thing that has become a distraction for another. We'll see how it goes.


Rufus Opus said...

That's the first time I saw stuffing one's head referred to as frittering away their time! Not arguing with you, but definitely aughing ... with you.

Jow said...

Heh, point taken! I just worry about becoming a human encyclopedia, with no wonder or thoughts of my own. I never just want to be stuffed full of other people's knowledge and perspective.

I find myself, on occasion, settling in to that mode, and I don't like it at all.

It's also the fact that it is a compulsion at this point. I don't want to be compelled to do anything because of the auto-pilot hamsters in my head. Or as a coping mechanism, or for a false sense of control, or any of that.

As an experiment, we'll see. There might be no change, and then I go back to all the reading I enjoy.

Frater A.I.T. said...

Definitely feeling your pain, bro--I would read instead of doing, and then read some more.

Fun post, thank you!

Lavanah said...

Doing, in addition to reading/research is definitely important (although I lean more to the writing less, rather than reading less end of things). But it has been my experience (and yes, children, I am definitely older than you all involved in this conversation) that the more encyclopediac your mind and knowledge base is, the more curious and questing (and able to make connections) your mind becomes.

Gordon said...

Or you could just drink heavily while you read? That way only half of it (at best) will go in... Your brain will be like a leaky encyclopedia. :)