Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hexing and A Perfect Day

A short note on household hexing.. When the Lady of the House starts to work Magic, and a storm comes, and then when she stops her work, the storm leaves.. I consider that a clear sign of success. Good job!

I have also found that Solitude is better than idle bystanders. I have definite trouble rolling out the full monty in spell work when someone is in the adjoining room watching tv, or putzing around on the computer, or even just sitting quietly. If folk are not involved, they need to GTFO, or I do. It gives me the energetic feeling of a stone sitting in the middle of a whirlpool you are trying to make in the best of cases, in the worst it's some douche bag mucking around and ruining your whole flow.

I know this should seem like common sense, but I like to test these things, and thus make myself scarce when i am not directly involved in the prolonged spellwork of others.

On to my Perfect Day.

I have found that in general, my perfect day would suit a medieval monk.. who would of course have prolonged raucous, table flipping, sex with his dear partner.

Dawn: wake up, Salute the Sun
Meditate and Morning Practice: (The daily practices we all have that act like calesthetics)
Yoga: Sun Salutation
Start doing something productive! Writing, tending shop, seeing clients, as long as I am being helpful.
wake up: Continue being Helpful!
Dusk: Stop working Salute the Sun
Dinner and Family Time
Evening Ritual and Meditation
Yoga: Moon Salutation

Essentially monastic with Lovemaking and some sort of constructive activity in the middle. Ideally keeping the hours of a french bakery* between dawn and dusk.

*There is a French Bakery in New Hope, PA that keeps, what can be politely called, "Variable Hours". There are posted hours, but they do not mean quite so much as the whims of the owners, the weather, or whatever way the wind is blowing that day. Even given this schedule the Bakery is still open, and still crowded. Instead of people getting pissed off and cutting them off, they wait in eager anticipation for the privilaged chance to get a chocolate croissant and some brioche, and a bottle of Orangina. I want that.

The only other place I know that can do that is a music store in Pompton Lakes, NJ, that specializes in vintage vinyl, imports, and other hard to get sundries. Open only on weekends, and then only for about six hours a day.


Miss Sugar said...

Why don't you tell everyone about your theory on physical magic and female verses male ejaculation, dear?

Jow said...

Those secrets are far far too arcane for mortal ears!

Gordon said...

There's nothing quite like an afternoon nap when you've got up at dawn and done heaps that day.

I'm insane enough to get up early on weekends just so I can spoil myself with a nap.

Totally hear you on performing magic with someone going about their mundane business on the other side of the wall. Haven't quite found a solution there.

I tend to go with headphones and passive sigil activation because it's the best way to block everything out.

But what I really want is a solitary, remote wizard's tower that I can retreat to as and when needed. Unfortunately this mortgage crisis makes that look less and less likely.

Jow said...

Gordon, I heard that Churchill was a big fan of nap time, so I think we are in good company.

I have little trouble as long as the people in the house are quite, and I can close the door. The door is very key for me. Of course I've never tried this when there is a full on party going on.

Tales of the old witch in the forest, I think was partly so the old woman could get some peace and quiet and be left alone!