Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blogs of Note

Greetings all!

Just popping in to throw down some blogs of note and be off once more:

There is of course, the amazing Queen of Pentacles whose insight has lit up our edge of the Interblag of late. Addressed thusly:

And New World Witchery which I am getting a lot out of as someone who appreciates history, folk Magic, and watching traditions evolve when they reach "the new world". Addressed nyah:

Now I just have to figure how to add wordpress to my do-dad here.

I've got some book reviews, new additions, and other goodies (including possible speaking engagements! OMG!) in the works, so stay tuned folks.

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Justin said...

Not sure how blogspot blog lists work, but the "Atom feed" (the same feed format blogspot uses) can be found at (adding /feed/atom/ works for any wordpress blog, really)