Sunday, April 18, 2010

Adventures in Kitchen Witchery

Yesterday was a fun day of house cleaning, laundry, and general sproosing up. Sadly, in the back and forth of cleaning and I accidentally cast disenchant on a mojo bag a friend gave me for my birthday by thinking it was in the pants I was wearing, when in fact it was in my work pants which went into the laundry.

Running a magical item through the wash, and then the dryer, does not do it any good. After being devistated by my carelessness, and then more than slightly panicked at the loss of a very heartfelt gift of kindness, we did our best to repair the damage done. Some components were unsalvageable. I took what I could, and surveyed the remains.

What then took place was nothing less than a Magical Top Chef challenge. We had to repair damage done and resurrect the mojo bag with components in the house. Deb had also decided to make a mojo bag of her own.

I was resistant to say the least. My personal style of Magic has been dubbed as "Mad Boy Scientist". I get all of my components in neat little rows, buying them before hand, and getting mentally prepared for days or weeks in advance. I am unused to doing spellwork with components on the "quick and dirty". That is what I usually use energy work for. I found that it made me begin to panic a bit. Soon I was lamenting my lack of "correct" ingredients, and wishing desperately for a magic shop.

I was then reminded that this is how people usually did things. You used what you had. There WERE no Magic shops really. No Diagon Alley to get to. This is how life happens. Hell, most of our various accouterments are gotten from herb stores, grocery stores, hardware stores, and craft stores. Only "specialty items" we get from ye olde wytchcrafte storee.

End result was a new draw string bag sewn by myself cut from an old shirt, the salvaged old components, a runestone that was found amongst Deb's effects: Ansuz, the mouth rune, to breathe life into, as well as a two dollar bill, various herbs and spices, tied together with energy work, spit, prayer, apologies, and hope.

The result is a resurrected Mojo Bag and a heap of apologies to the lovely woman who made it for me in the first place. (I am so sorry, M.!)

I highly recommend trying this experiment out in your own homes. Try and make something on the fly. Give yourself a time limit in which to make it. No buying things special, just spit and blood if you have to. You might surprise yourself with the results.

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