Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Working with Saint Expedite

At home, our household has a wealth altar, and on it, at my request is a card for St. Expedite. Patron of getting things done in a jiffy. Up till now I had a relationship with him much like a contractor and a patron.

Step 1 - Offer Rum and ask for favors with the promise of pound cake and praise.
Step 2 - Wait for St. Expedite to do His work
Step 3 - Pound cake and praise. **

Now, Since I did not usually need something in a hurry, I usually did not make offerings to him, and his corner of the wealth altar started to gather dust.

Randomly, two days ago, I was looking at my progress at where I want my life to be, and where it is, and I noticed I have been putting things off. Procrastination is an old bad habit. "AHA!" I thought to myself, "Now I can work with St. Expedite, get to know Him, and we can have stuff to interact with on the daily. Rock. Out.

So on my way home from work, I made the sign of the cross for the first time in a very, very, very long time, and I meant it. I said a heartfelt prayer to St. Expedite to aid me with a soldier's resolve, and to inspire me to be quick to act as a soldier in the field whose prompt actions win battles and save the lives of comrades. I also asked, though this is not his special purview, that by working with him I could through effort and inspiration resolve those childhood conflicts I have with the Catholicism of my birth and larger Christianity. Saying that I do not mean I am at all anti Christian, but when I left the church, I left very embittered. I've never had a problem with others being devout, and in fact I usually praise them as glad they are "Doing it right", as I was "Doing it wrong."

After my quick prayer, I felt a very strong connection, and then felt quite ill. And after the small bout of nausea, I felt great! (No, St. Expedite did not make me throw up.) Since then I have been early for appointments, and on top of housework. Whenever I start to slack off in job, home, or practice, I see His little image in my head. It kind of reminds me of spray bottling a pet who should not be on the couch.. yet is sitting right in front of you on the couch.

So, St. Expedite has been doing a bang up job of getting me off my ass, teaching me why being productive is better than lazing around, and getting me to actually enjoy the whole process.

Well done St. Expedite! And of course, thankyou!

**He has not been publicly praised here due to the fact that I was asking the wrong things of Him. You have to ask something that has a chance of happening fast. The man was a soldier in life, and very efficient, but asking Him.. say.. for help with moving along your mortguage process.. He can only do so much. It's a slow process to begin with, and beurocracy is usually the bane of any soldier, so though it was by no means fast, I am confident now that it quite possibly was less slow.


The Manic Mage said...

Interesting! Your post sparked the realization in me that I have been conceptualizing St. Expedite in a traditional conjure mind frame- a wonderful saint to work with for fast $ or other emergencies and thereby limiting his influence. I was thinking just a few days ago about how to develop more of a relationship with him... I will use the fact that I need to get my a** in gear to get my house moved into and situated. The problem is that all of my deep seated procrastination issues have me log jammed! He should be the ideal partner to bust through this with. Thanks!

Jow said...

Oh, He's great at that. Just be prepared for what amounts to a non corporeal drill instructor.