Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rallying with RO and Thanking the Scribbler!

Takeing a good idea from The Scribbler, who totally thought of it first with his squishy brain full of wisdom, I am going to say something very important to you people: Buy RO's books. Hell, if you have the scratch laying around post Yule, take his courses. Why you ask? Housefire I say!

Seriously. The man had a medium scale personal tragedy here. As a community we need to be people of action who rise to the occasion of such tragedy. Especially with one of our own. Sending prayer, mojo, and good vibes is very good, and can result in things going better for him, so please do that. But do you know what else gets the man and his family money? Giving him money. And faster too! Do both if you can.

That is all for now.