Monday, December 14, 2009

La LaLa La La-La

Yesterday, on the Feast of Saint Lucia, thirty full years ago, I was born. Most folks who reach this mile stone are expected to get depressed. I however am taking the lead of my Lovely Lady and saying that "My thirties are going to be like my twenties, only I won't be as stupid, and I'll have more money!"

Again, a friend from work I nicknamed "Metal John" declared on his Thirtieth, "I am going to be stronger, smarter, and have more money!" He said this also for his forties. Now that he is approaching fifty, he takes the attitude of a resigned and pleased, "It's almost over.. Soon no more kids living with me, no more bullshit at work, just relaxing."

Of the awesome birthday swag, I got a rockin mojo bag and some fast luck candles to start the new decade of life off right. I was also honestly thrilled to get socks and underwear. (Oh shit! I needed these!)

My Saturn Return (not sure if this is part of traditional western astrology, but it's big in Vedic) has hit me fairly hard. Making me re-examine, and prune down everything in my life. I have moved six times in six years, had my father pass just prior to it, changed careers, and left a dysfunctional relationship, as well as started a new, functional one.

As painful as it all was, I could not be more grateful. I've always had a soft spot for the "Lord of Sorrow who men and Gods fear". And He has treated me well, though not all the time gently. A lot of folks hit their Saturn Return or the 7.5 years in Joytish, and once it is over feel reborn. And it's true. I am a different person, in many ways truer to myself.

We pick up a lot of garbage as we age, habit, ways of thinking, thought/action loops. The work of Saturn helps crush those inessential coping mechanisms from you. All the things you've screwed up along the way wont be magically fixed at the end, but you'll be able to deal with them from a new perspective instead of the same old one.

From what I've been told about my chart, the most intense year has just started. Time to really put my nose to the grind stone, (That sounds painful!) and build up as much momentum as I can.

Oh, and by the way, a great way to get the powers that be to take notice of what you are saying, and test you on it, is to declare it publicly. At least it's worked for me.


Lavanah said...

Happy 30th! Now the good stuff actually starts! (I speak from experience, my 30's were good, and the 40's have been even better.) I think that society has been "trained" to think that life is ending at age 30, but who really wants to live permanently in high school?

mrsb said...

Oh, sorry I missed it! A very Happy (late) Happy Birthday!!

redisadore said...

A most happy coming year for you! May you always have enough.

(and I agree, the 30's are AWESOME, in hindsight!)

Kim @ redhandferi