Monday, July 13, 2009

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Saudi 'genie' sued for harassment

A family in Saudi Arabia is taking a "genie" to court, accusing it of theft and harassment, reports say.

They accuse the spirit of threatening them, throwing stones and stealing mobile phones, Al Watan newspaper said.

The family have lived in the same house near the city of Medina for 15 years but say they only recently became aware of the spirit. They have now moved out.

A local court is investigating. In Islamic theology, genies are spirits that can harass or possess humans.

'Get out of the house'

"We began to hear strange sounds," the head of the family, who come from Mahd Al Dahab, told the Saudi daily. He did not want to be named.
"At first we did not take it seriously, but then stranger things started to happen and the children got particularly scared when the genie started throwing stones."
He added: "A woman spoke to me first, and then a man. They said we should get out of the house."

A local court says it is trying to verify the truthfulness of the claims "despite the difficulty" of doing so.

Many Westerners know the term genie from the tale of Aladdin and the magic lamp, or the 1960s American sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.

But the BBC's Sebastian Usher says genies, or jinn, in Islamic theology can be a lot more sinister.
They are believed to be normally invisible but with the ability to assume human or animal form, and are often said to be motivated by revenge or jealousy.

There is a lingering belief in genies in the Muslim world that predates Islam, our correspondent says.


Suecae Sounds said...

To add an interesting bit of information I have talked with two muslims (one traditional and one Sufi) have affirmed this belief in the existance of jinns to me. The Sufi explained a bit of the Islamic cosmology as follows: "Only Jinns and Humans have free will." . Following this notion he explained that there are Christian, Jewish and Muslim Jinns, as well as infernal.

This article obviously despicts a very strange incident though.

Jow said...

It's said that Mohammed (PBUH)converted his Djinn Watcher to Islam. There is a chapter on the Djinn in the Koran. They are a matter of faith to any non secular Muslim. Some times Pagan Gods are viewed as powerful Djinn, sometimes they are viewed as forign names of God.. it's really an interesting flux of belief.

The Djinn are people, just like us, only with a lot more history. They have cities, religions and philosophys of their own, can mate and have children with eachother, and with us.

I dig the law suit idea because it treats them just like us. That is something that a lot of magicians don't do. I was guilty of it starting out. Djinn slaves sound like a peachy idea when you are young and stupid.. until you come upon the idea that they are their own people, with their own families, hopes, dreams, etc.

Is enslaving other humans a good idea? No? Then don't do it to anyone else!

Even entities you create, once you create them, are people in their own way.

Suecae Sounds said...

"it's really an interesting flux of belief".

Yes! Indeed it is. I very much agree with the notion to treat all entities with respect and do not diminich anything to be enslaved or abused in any manner.