Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Your Life Force and You pt. II

The Sulphur/Mercury Complex

"The Sulphur of any kingdom has an affinity for the Mercury of that kingdom." - Robert Allen Bartlett

Back in the day, before Paracelsus brought forward the three principles, there were only two, positied by Gerber, Sulphur and Mercury. To Paracelsus, Sulphur is that which burns, Mercury is the Light, Heat, Smoke, and Secretions of the burning, and Salt is the Ash that is left. Paracelsus and mondern Alchemist Dennis William Hauck both also see the roles of Mercury and Sulphur as reversed of what I have written in my last entry on this subject.

In some schools of Alchemical thought, Sulphur and Mercury were thought of to be the Alchemical Rebis, one thing possessing a dual nature. One thing that would flow and change from one pole to the other.

Of the Three Principles Sulphur and Mercury are the must subtile, and the easiest to change. They are also the easiest principles in us to squander, and to change back through inattention. They are nebulous, prone to movement, never really standing still.. this is where Salt comes in.

Salt fixes them in place. Salt secures the balance between the two in a thing. Our Salt is the hardest to change, but once changed it is just as hard to change back. Salt is how something is fixed, how someting manifests.

"To seporate the subtile from the gross" as the Emerald Tablet instructs. Salt is the gross.

The operations of Lab Alchemy do this to material substances as well as through the ritual of the process itself to the Alchemist.

We will tackle Mercury and Sulphur first, and then move to Salt for stability.

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