Monday, April 27, 2009

In Soviet Russia, Reality Weaves You!

It's strange how much of the threads of my yogic practice/research tend to come together at the same points. First it was the Nath lineage, especially evident in the works of Gurudev Mahendranath, and Dattatreya. Then it was the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetian Buddhism, which narrowed to Shambhala and the lineage of Rechungpa, and the Sharmapa.

It feels like I am slowly weaving a rope out of separate strands held by the same hand. These same elements keep coming up over and over again. References to Bhairava, Shambhala, and Vajrayogini. It's like walking into a place you've never been and smelling someone you know you know but cant place.. and they just left like fifteen minutes ago.

We'll see where it takes us.


Jason Miller, said...

Why on earth did you narrow it down to the lineage of the Sharmapa???!?

Trouble trouble trouble

Jow said...

A) Because I don't know no better.

B) Because he has links to Rechungpa.

c) Because I'm not done ;)

Jason Miller, said...


Basically the Sharmapas have always been kind of shady political troublemakers. It was the Sharmapa that was behind the first invasion of Tibet by the Chinese so that he could oust the (2nd?) Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama however teamed up with the Mongolians and beat them back. They buried the sharmapas hat and denied him from reincarnating for 200 years.

The current Sharmapa was one of the people behind the Karmapa controversy, recognizing a Bhutanese kid as a competing Karmapa. Its a deep issue, and people have even been killed over it.

Basically I advise people to stay away from any Lama that have a lot of controversy surrounding them. Tibetan politics are too difficult to figure out if you are getting started, and could literally take years of research to even get enough info to know where you come down on an issue.

Lamas that fit this bill would include:

The Sharmapa
Kusum Lingpa
Ole Needal
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Ngakpa Chogyam
Traktung Rinpoche

These are Lamas that have a lot of controversy surrounding them or are just out and out fakers.

Other lamas like Tanzin Wangyal and Sogyal Rinpoche you might find me recommending against as well, but not because of controversy or lack of authenticity. Just cuz they're dicks

Jow said...

Well.. Good to know!

I had not known any of that.

Thankyou for the help, man!