Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brand Name Gnosis

One thing my HGA has always tried to steer me against is brand loyalty in spirituality. I have taken hiatus breaks of up to several years from a particular way of doing things or view, just to prevent that very thing. She's like my very own Marpa, forcing me to build towers only to rip them down again.

There is nothing wrong with having pride in ones accomplishments, or being part of a venerable lineage. Hell, it just means that you are keyed in to a way of doing things that has works for a very very long time. But that is all it means.

A lot of people get caught up in this "My Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu", crap.

After years of being a Dogmatic Rule Lawer, I still have that conditioning in me. Finding the pure source. The Truest of the True wisdom. Which is a bunch of ego clouded, practice blocking B.S. It's a form of spiritual arrogance in its most insidious and subtle incarnation.

Because to be honest, no matter what work you did, the Wisdom isnt yours. The Truth belongs to no one. It's totally open source. It's not land you can fence in and claim as your very own patch of Transcendant Wisdom. Nor does it belong to a contry, tribe, people, religion of philosophy. All of those things are bridges to the Real that manifests itself all around us in an infinite number of ways, in an infinite number of time streams.

Being a dork, this line of thinking made me think of the anime series Rurouni Kenshin. At the end of the second season when the bad guy get's slapped down, a sentiment similar to "We won, I am glad things turned out all right in the end." and the reply is, "Just because we won doesnt mean we're right. It just means we killed him, and our view won, for now."

Total paraphraise and extraoplation there.

Yes, I know it's the same old rant, but it was coaxed out of me by new stimulus. I've seen some pretty slick marketing in the GD section of the Cerimonial community in the last year or so, and it bugs me. It's bad enough we have brand name Kaballah. As a community we don't need marketing to hype spiritual practice. The One, True, Original, Authentic, Processed from Organic Components, Act Now, Operators are Standing By Gnosis is something that makes spiritual practice look cheap. And it isnt.

It requires more than just paying dues, it requires your time, and a sizable chunk of your life.

Being loyal to a name, you lose the thing. By narrowing your view, you fail to see the exit, or the light at the end of the tunnel.

My antinomian tendencies tend to get the better of me sometimes.

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Suecae Sounds said...

I agree with you on many parts in this post. First and foremost spiritual practice require work and dedication.

I tend to come back to one of my favorite quotes:
"The map isn't the terrain".