Friday, March 27, 2009

A Comment to Anonymous

I was reading Doing Magick, and came across this post.

Mssrs. Miller and Opus have chimed in, so I figured I might too.

Gods change. There. I said it. The Gods change. Being as I am not exactly sure what death entails for a human being, I cannot speculate what death would be like for a God. But since the lady in question felt Pan doing his thing, as have I when I work with him, as have many magicians, I would say that Pan is not at all dead. Like Fra. POS pointed out, the Deity in question is most likely Tammuz, who comes down with a case of death from time to time, but doesn't let that stop him.

As an aside, Tammuz is quite Pan like indeed! I think the Courtship of Innana and Dimmuzi is the first written case of pillow talk, and talking dirty, ever. At least in religious ritual. "Plow my furrow, Dimmuzi! PLOW IT! GODS YES!" I'm serious, give it a read. That isn't too much of an exaggeration. They also have similar overlapping domains of Divine influence.

Gods are quite large indeed, and I myself cannot tell you what is and what is not a Deity, other than a very short and possibly very wrong observation. To me, it seems, that anything that we would regard as a Deity proper stretches the whole length of the chain of manifestation, from the most subtle to the most gross.

In Qabbalistic terms they bridge all four worlds. The Realm of Aspected Unity, The Realm of Divine Mind, The Realm of Divine Energy, The Realm of Manifestation. They are both, transcendent, and immanent, objective, and personal.

First we start with a bunch of Divine Qualities that condense down to form a Being, who farther condenses down to form an astral being, who further condenses down and manifests in the material world. They manifest through things we see and work with every day. Like Crows. Crow, the Shamanic Totem exists, as does The Morrigan who manifests as a Crow, as does Dhumavati who has crows pull her chariot, just to the side are Odhin's Ravens, etc. etc. Our Crows are partial manifestations of the principles that these Beings personify. Like a solidification process, from the most subtle, to the gross.

Pan, for instance, isn't a law breaker, like Hermes who breaks them for fun and cows, he flat out doesn't see those "laws". He's all about natural law. As such when he tends to manifest, social conventions tend to go away. One of the reasons He, Dionysus, and Hermes all get along so well. Gods of a life well lived, without tacked on false morals, reveling in the manifest. Gods of boundaries, ecstasy, and mysteries. Gods represented by upright stones dripping with libations, and a good stiff cock.

That doesn't sound very lesbian at all, does it? Ah, but Pan is tricksie like that. Very in touch with His own sexuality, He encourages that in others. So long as it is natural, innocent, and enthusiastic! He also isn't a stranger to homosexuality, though I see him personally as omnisexual. Or Pansexual. (Ba-dum-bum.)

Many times we court the Gods.. We see them, we fanboy/girl after them, and we seek to emulate them. I did that with Kali. Many times the Gods court us. Sometimes we don't have the clarity of vision to see who could help us best, and should accept the help of a Divine Gentleman or Lady Benefactor. Ganesh did that to me. And sometimes you just get thunderstruck and fall in Love with your God(s). In my case, Shiva.

Seems like Pan likes the cut of your Jib and wants to influence your life, help you break out and be you, and revel in Life.

As for the reincarnation of Gods, it happens in Hinduism all the damn time. Though since they aren't actually dying it would be more Incarnation instead of ReIncarnation. Sometimes those Incarnations overlap! I can't say what Pan manifests as, but I will say to keep in mind that He is much bigger than a bulging package, goat legs and horns. Much, much, bigger. The Gods change over time in manifestation, but that manifestation is a flowering of the essence that IS that God. One bloom might close, but there are always several more open just around the bush.

Gods are much like comic book heroes, they usually don't stay dead for long.

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