Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You got Manifestation in my Consciousness! // You got Consciousness in my Manifestation!

Something I learned early on, once I bothered to think about how magic was done, and set about to tinker with those things I've been taught, that where the mind goes, the energy goes. Put your mind somewhere, and some kind of energetic responce WILL happen.

I have not yet seen a case where this is not true.

This got me thinking to the Shiva/Shakti duality. Any time you see Shiva and a manifestation of his wife, Parvati doing anything, that can be taken as a complex metaphore for the interaction of consciousness, and the energy that is manifestation. The best graphic representation of this is Ardhanarishvara: "The Lord who is half Woman" The Hermaphrodidic form of Shiva and Parvati united as one. Note how I use both names, not just the Hermaphrodidic form of Shiva. That cuts out his Lady Wife, and is silly if not rude.

Now all is now always well in this marriage. Sometimes there are fights. Consciousness wants some time away from Manifestation at the cremation ground yoga jamboree, and Manfiestation sometimes just wants a quiet bath to enjoy some peace and quiet of just BEING and ENJOYing.

Everyone gets all fanboy crazy over Consciousness. Attain Shiva and you have no worries, all is placid, all is awesome, no more suffering, no more death. Jai Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya!

But Consciousness LOVES Manifestation. LOVES. ADORES. Once upon a time, Shiva lost his Wife and said "Fuck it. Fuck the world. I'm leaving." and went to meditate for a few aeons.

But eventually is Beautiful and Perfect Wife was reborn after her untimely demise at Daksha's sacrifice and knew what She wanted. Shiva. Paravati is the GORGEOUS Daughter of the Mountian. As such She already has every awesome thing the earth can bring forth. She is the ultimate flower rising from the world. And all she wanted was Shiva. All Manifestation wants, more than ANYTHING is more Consciousness. But He wasn't taking anyone's calls. There was only one logical thing to do. She was going to MAKE Him Love Her.

To say She did not fuck around is an understatement. She threw Herself into every austerity, every devotion, everything. Full force, no regrets. Eventually the force of Her conviction, Her Desire (cause honestly, She IS all Desire) opened the eyes of placid, meditating Mahadev.

Manifestation, the World, made Consciousness wake up. It's said as soon as he cracked His eyes the God of Love, Kamadeva shot his heart full of five flower tipped arrows, and after that, like it or not, He was in Love with His once and future Wife.

See, Concsiousness is immortal, the finest of the fine. Manifestation is changable. And Consciousness didn't quite realize His Lovely Lady Wife first thing. She was different. But eventually, seeing her devotion, her desire for Him who wears only serpents and corpse ash, Lord of Beasts, Storm, and Plague. Bhairava Rhudra, "The Terryfying One who makes all beings cry", He couldn't choose to keep His eyes closed any more. His Beloved Manifestation was back.

And so they were wed, and Shiva put on some pants. They might not get along all the time, but that sacred marriage is going on in every single thing that exists, because where there is energy, there is consciousness. Where the mind goes, the energy goes.

Two poles of the same wave form. Differnt manifestations of the same principle.

Taoist Alchemy has a similar theory, though not as tellanovella. You have your Jing, your most basic life force that manifests as your sexual fluids (and menstrum if you are a woman), and you cook and refine that till it becomes Qi.

Jing is like water, Qi is like steam. In fact the ideogram for Qi is steam comming off of a pot of rice.

Then you refine your Qi till it becomes Shen, Consciousness. Jing is a lake, heated to make steam or clouds of Qi which rise to the Sun, the Shen.

All can be transmuted back and forth for Immortality, Peace, Freedom, and Happiness.

The vast majority of my own mystic path is Playing in this Love Affair. The world exists, because it wants to, because it flat out Loves existing, refining itself, and experiencing itself for simple Love of the Work.

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