Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I think the Buddha rocks.

As humans we have gotten a lot of helpful hints from our Divine Minders and guardians of the world that is our collosal day care center. Hermes, Dattatreya, Al Kidir, Lao Tzu, Shiva, Krishna, Thoth, Melektzedek, and more have been dipping in to our reality to teach us not only practical magical woo, but how to be more civilized, less miserable, and an asset to those around us, and even an asset to the multiverse as a whole.

We cannot be sure as to weather any of these mofo's were human. In fact it is most likely not. Even the ones reputed to have a human body were an avatar or other divine being in a human shell. Even Jesus started with a leg up due to Divine parentage.

The Buddha did it his damn self. Who knows what kind of sadhu or yogi he was when he was travelling and meditating in forests? He eventually took the techniques he knew through training, intuition, and practice, and did it his damn self! He looked at reality from a human point of view, as a human, and told us what he saw. Better yet he left us a map of how to get to approximately where he was! He also left three ways to check and balance his system: Forest Renunciates, Monks, and Householders (some of whome are yogis). If the Monks get too dogmatic and start strangling the Dharma, some crazy bastard from the forest who can fly and is surrounded by ageless, sixteen year old trouble makers is going to smack his cock on the table and set them strait. Or the Layity will cut off funding if the enlightenment teachings from Dharma Labs Monastic Devision start to not be applicable.

Who knows if he set it up that way on purpose, but it follows the pattern of human nature in a most harmonious way.

Hermits are like bleeding edge mad scientists who live for their work, the Einsteins and Teslas. The Monastics are the R&D lab that takes that madness and routs it, preserves it, and does differing tests, sets up debates, and has peer reviews. The Layity are the guinna pigs, the play testers, and those household geniuses who have all kinds of aparatus in the basement, cutting edge in their own way, and with a knowlage of how to make things deeply practical to the needs of the person in the street.

Fucking Genius.


BRAN said...

I'm going from the start of your blog. So far, yes. I agree with you all the way on this post; Buddha can have some awesome points. Mind, I'm not a Buddhist, and would disagree with those who take the opinion that through Buddhism is the only way you'll attain 'enlightenment' but that's not to say that he didn't rule.

Jow said...

I personally think that the urge to seek enlightenment is naturally occurring when the mind is ripe enough for it. The means for Enlightenment also are naturally occurring, and everywhere. The Primordial Dharma is written in Nature herself, folks just need to see clearly enough to recognize and understand it.

The Buddha himself said there were other enlightened beings before him, and I would say there have been a few since, but He is unique in that his system has stayed truer to its own principles for much longer than most systems. There is very little confusion between what is said and what is meant. I also personally think that he showed a path not only with the least confusion, but was the best for most sorts of people, though it was acknowledged that his path would not be right for everyone, and that if someone doesn't agree with him they should do something that benefits them. That in itself is fairly unique.