Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peaches, Potatos, and Magical Cultural Drift

Georgia peaches are supposedly some of the best in the world. If you ask someone from Alabama or the Carolinas, they would probably say different. I, personally say the Great Western Mother of Taoism has the best peaches; they make you immortal.

Idaho. Potatos. Honestly I cant think of anything else in Idaho BUT potatos and sandy haired blondes with quirky accents. And freckles.


Back now.

What does produce have to do with Magic? It's simple really. Change the geography, chance the produce. Hatian voodoo is different than Cuban, and different than what's practiced in NYC. You change the local, the soil, the land, the critters, the other plants, you change the plant. Not so much that an apple will be citrusy, but you get a wide veriety of apples.

I practice a form of Arabian sorcery called Rouhaniat. Now, it's not totally traditional, because my culture is way different from that which spawned it, I don't pray five times a day, I don't venerate Mohammed (PBUH) as the Seal of the Prophets, or the line of Imams (MTSBS). As such I do a transplanted hybrid version of the practice. Which, if it takes root, will yeild similarly tasting, but slightly different fruit than plants in its native soil. Some plants don't grow in some climates, and I suppose some spiritualities cannot survive some cultures, but I am pleased that I am helping nurture, in my own way, this strain of Hermeticism into the modern western world.

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