Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's all Tech.

That's right. All of it. It's all Tech.

Tech is a shorthand way of saying Technique, or Technology in the energy based magical tradition of Omnimancy. There has been a bit of discussion between Mr. Miller and Mr. Opus about traditions easterly and westernly, and how about it is perhaps just a bucket of semantics.

Now, I say it is just tech.

Our Spiritual Ancestors as human beings came from different times, and different places with different needs and moralities and theories on the same damn thing. Reality. They were all veiwing the same human reality from their own geographical, cultural, and personal lenses. They developed theories on how the multiverse was organized and functioned, and developed magical tech to meddle with it.

IMHO the mark of the effectiveness of one's magic is how well you can meddle in things. Morally neutral. Like being a good martial artist, or a good public speaker. You can use those talents to change the world, and success is your proof to quote Crowley. If you choose to be a douche in your meddlings, or just short sighted, does not make you any less effective of a mage. It just makes you a douche. Compassion, Love, Virtue, etc are all fruits of Wisdom and Gnosis. It's easy to be Wise and not particularly adept at practical mage craft.

Now, each individual system evolved to get very good on those things in which its practitioners through the ages have chosen to specialize. Think of different systems as different programming languages for reality. When Adam started naming shit in the garden he didnt define those things. They were already defined, already named, Adam just gave them a call command. Adam defined his own understanding of those things by naming them. Choosing where "Tiger" ended and "Lion" began. Then again there is also the theory that Adam spoke a primordial language, and he named creation because he *KNEW* those things on a primal level. When he spoke "Tiger", it was a Tiger because he saw its primal Tiger-ness. But.. that is a different kettle of fish.

I am confident that any canny mage with enough time, skill, and insight can reproduce the result of a different system. But because he can produce that result that does not make the Tech the same. Say I can reach a state of non dual enlightenment through Plotinus, or Plato, or Bardon, that is not Dzogchen. That might get the same, or similar result as Dzogchen, but it isnt the same thing.

To learn, and to teach any form of practical magic, or system of spiritual attainment you need a language to do so. That is what tradition is. It is a language, a point of view, and if it's lasted long enough, a record of things that did and did not work, and theories why. Superstition is what happens when we take the science out of our magic.

Plotinus, Proclus, and Iamblichius were all in the same tradition, but were all different with slightly different systems. What worked, and didnt work for them. There is no better or worse, there is only functionality.

To take a mundane example: I love pastries, because I am a fat kid. However, I suck at baking. In fact I suck at the things that are even remotely related to baking. I could get good at baking through hard work and moxie, but honestly I'd rather go get myself a box of pignoli cookies and cannoli from the bakery that is a half hour away, and stick with cooking stuff I know how to cook. I can make you some peach glazed pork chops good enough for you to slap your own mother, and perhaps my mother for teaching me to make pork chops good enough that you got brought up on assault charges because you slapped your own mother. But I can't bake worth a damn. Either I cant figure out how to make my saucepan kung fu carry over into the baking pan or cake sheet, or those skills are of very little use there.

So to with magic.

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